From April 24 to April 28 students of the First Slavic Gymnasium (High School) in Prague participated in the Atomic Week project organized by Rosatom Central Europe and the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Prague.

During the week - under the guidance of the teachers of the Rosatom School - students got acquainted with various spheres of nuclear technology application - from energetics, to nuclear medicine, radiation technologies for agriculture, transport and space exploration. During the work, the students were split into groups and these groups managed a project on a topic chosen by them. In the end of the event, the projects were presented to the group and jury consisting of teachers.

"It is very important that the teachers were able to make education cognitive and interesting, many experiments were organized in forms of games. Students were actively involved in the process, they prepared projects independently. It allowed them not only to understand the topic of nuclear technology that is not simple at first glance, but also to make it understandable for other children", Tatiana Pergler, the director of the First Slavic Gymnasium said.

"Similar training projects Rosatom realizes not only in Russia, but also in partner countries. They are aimed at demonstrating various areas of nuclear technology serving today not only as a reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy, but also improve the quality of life in many spheres. This is medicine, agriculture, desalination of sea water and even space exploration", Vadim Titov, head of Rosatom Central Europe emphasised.

"Participation in the project showed me that nuclear technology is not something distant or incomprehensible. It's interesting, it makes you think and solve problems that at first glance seem to be very complicated," Adela Cheplova, a student of the gymnasium explains.

Further, within the framework of the Atomic Week theatre classes were organized, too. The students, together with the teacher, drafted a script, learned the basics of the dramatic skills, and at the end of the week presented a mini-performance about the flight to Mars on a spaceship with a nuclear transportation and power module.

Throughout the whole week, students from the press group shot short reports, and as a result, they prepared a short video on the project.

"We really enjoyed working at the theatre classes. During a week we together with the teacher came up with a script, made the casting and staged the play. We did not want to leave the school after classes, it was interesting and funny, and the flight to distant space seemed close and feasible", a student of the gymnasium, Andrei Chepelov says.

All participants of the Atomic Week at the First Slavic Gymnasium received prizes, and the seven most active students were awarded with a trip to an international polylingual summer camp, that - with the support of Rosatom - will take place in one of the European countries.