NovaWind JSC has launched the Karmalinovskaya wind power plant construction in Stavropol Krai. WPP’s total generating capacity will reach 60 MW with annual energy production – 147 GWh. The power plant will consist of 24 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW each. The company is going to invest more than 8 billion rubles in the construction.

More than 50 construction vehicles as well as 150 workers and engineers have been involved in the building process already. Currently the bored piles are being installed. Workers are now reinforcing the future foundations of the wind turbines, building crane sites and ensuring vehicle access to the objects and unitized transformer substations. The construction process is accompanied by the concrete production at two concrete plants with a supply of 160 m3 of concrete per hour.

“We have started the construction of the Karmalinovskaya wind power plant. The WPP’s location was chosen promptly thanks to the Novoaleksandrovskiy district administration. The project makes it possible for land users to continue agricultural works and employ WPP’s infrastructure. As a power generation company, we will be able to achieve maximum WPP’s installed capacity utilisation”, - said Alexander Korchagin, CEO of the NovaWind JSC.

For reference:
NovaWind JSC is a ROSATOM division for implementation of the wind power projects. Overall, by 2023, enterprises operating under the management of NovaWind JSC, will install 1 GW of wind farms.