On 10 June 2022, the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (OAH) issued a licence for the Paks-2 project to start the soil stabilisation of the nuclear power plant construction site. The purpose of this work is to ensure the required bearing capacity of the soils at the base of the future buildings and structures of the plant.

Soil stabilisation, together with the construction of an impervious curtain (licence for impervious curtain construction granted on 26 May 2022), which isolates the working site of the excavation pit of the nuclear power plant under construction from groundwater penetration and protects the operating units of Paks NPP, is necessary for the transition to the direct construction phase of the power units themselves.

In addition to the soil stabilisation licence, permission was also granted on 10 June 2022 for the construction of three warehouses and two storage areas.

The facilities of the construction base are currently being erected; a total of 120 buildings and structures will be built, including production halls, workshops, warehouses, car parks and roads.

For information:
The Paks-2 NPP project is based on the Russian-Hungarian intergovernmental agreement of 14 January 2014 and the three basic contracts of 9 December 2014 for the construction of the new plant. The Paks-2 NPP will be built on a turnkey basis. Units 5 and 6 have a guaranteed lifetime of 60 years. The general contractor is Rosatom's engineering company ASE JSC.