On 22 July, 2017, at 04:33 the operating personnel of Rosatom NPP and specialists of JSC Atomtekhenergo ran hydraulic tests of the primary and secondary circuit of the reactor unit.

“Hydraulic tests for strength and tightness of the equipment and pipelines of the primary and secondary reactor circuits took 12 days. At the initial stage the hydraulic tests and circulation flushing (tightness test) were run with the pressure of 35 kgf/cm2 in the primary circuit and 20 kgf/cm2 in the secondary circuit comprising steam generators and steam pipelines of high pressure up to 110 kgf/cm2. During the tests and further inspection of the equipment and pipelines no leakages or ruptures were discovered, and no residual deformations were identified either. This confirms the compliance of the equipment and pipelines of the primary and secondary circuits with the requirements for strength and tightness. The next stage of the startup and adjustment activities intended for preparation of unit 4 to the first criticality includes hot functional tests scheduled for this August,” said Alexander Cinyapkin, Deputy Head of the Turbine Hall operation.

Commissioning of unit 4 of Rostov NPP is scheduled for 2017.


Hydraulic tests and circulation flushing is a stage of the inspection of the unit system required before starting up and commissioning of the reactor unit systems.