For our partners we are glad to offer the following solution, products and services:
Nuclear Power Generation: Fully integrated offer in NPP design, construction, operation, and maintenance. Generation 3+ reactors of VVER design with 1200 MW capacity.
Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Complete NFC solution for nuclear power and research reactors, both at the front-end and back-end sectors.
Nuclear R&D: Design and supply of experimental and research reactors and cyclotrons, their maintenance and decommissioning. Supply of R&D laboratories equipment.
Nuclear medicine: All-range medical radionuclides supply, production and supply of radiotherapy equipment. Carbon-based materials for medicine.
Radiation technologies: irradiation solutions for agriculture and waste treatment. Solutions for non-destructive testing and control.
Innovative materials and products: Carbon-based and graphite-based materials for various industries. Zirconium, lithium and rare-earth metals. Superconductor materials and wires.