His lecture “Nuclear Technologies for Sustainable Development” opened the marathon of the Russian Knowledge Society


The lecture by Alexey Likhachev, the Director General of Rosatom, “Nuclear Technologies for Sustainable Development” opened the program of the first day of the educational marathon of the Russian Knowledge Society. The event is taking place within the World Youth Festival 2024, which will last from March 1 to March 7 in the Sirius Federal Territory (Russia).

Alexey Likhachev told the audience gathered in the plenary hall, most of whom were young people under the age of 30 from dozens of countries around the world, about the importance of nuclear energy for achieving the global sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, and about the role of Rosatom in this. He stressed that of the 25 nuclear construction projects that are currently being implemented in the world, 22 are currently being implemented by Rosatom, which makes the State Atomic Energy Corporation the undisputed leader in this field.


The head of Rosatom also told the audience about the development of the Northern Sea Route, the construction of new icebreakers, as well as the developments of the State Corporation in the creation of quantum computers, the production of new radiopharmaceuticals. “All our technologies should be tested for the benefit of people, for a humanitarian result. People play a central role in our work!” said Alexey Likhachev, the Director General of Rosatom.


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The World Youth Festival is held in accordance with the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to develop international youth cooperation. It will be attended by 20,000 young leaders in education, science, international cooperation, culture, volunteerism and charity, sports, business, and media, including 10,000 foreign participants. Teenagers will also be able to take part in the festival for the first time (as part of the track of the all-Russian movement of children and youth – “Movement of the First”).

Rosatom is a multi-industry holding company which comprises assets in power engineering, machine building, and construction. Its strategy is to develop low-carbon generation, including wind power. Rosatom is the national leader in power generation (accounting for about 20% of the country's total output) and ranks first globally in terms of the size of its portfolio of orders for the construction of nuclear power plants: 33 power units in 10 countries are at different stages of implementation.

The Government of the Russian Federation and major Russian companies continue to expand the range of solutions to unlock the potential of students and young employees. Rosatom and its enterprises are involved in the creation of joint departments in Russian universities, the implementation of scholarship support programs, major educational projects, the organization of practical training and internships for students.