WindSGC-2 (part of NovaWind, ROSATOM’s wind power division) and Carbon Zero LLC signed a contract to maintain a register of green certificates. According to the contract, Carbon Zero will maintain a register of certificates issued for the electric power generated at ROSATOM’s renewable energy facilities as required by the green electricity certification standard.
Three of ROSATOM’s wind farms – Medvezhenskaya, Berestovskaya and Kuzminskaya – are entered into the register.
The certificates will best suit those consumers who are not wholesale electricity market entities and cannot buy green electricity through free bilateral agreements.
“Responsible power consumers now have a fully functioning retail tool to confirm sustainability of their operations. The scheme developed in Russia has replaced the international certification systems that left our market and has given Russian companies an opportunity to reaffirm their commitments to the ESG principles and decarbonisation. We expect the first green certificate deals to be made with the interested companies in the near future,” NovaWind CEO Grigoriy Nazarov said. 
“ROSATOM has long been a driver of the low carbon agenda in Russia. And now, after NovaWind’s generation facilities are put on the register, Russian consumers have much more opportunities to use green certificates associated with the power generation at the new wind farms,” Vladislav Berezovsky, Director of Business Development at Carbon Zero, pointed out.
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A green certificate, or a guarantee of origin, proves that certain electricity has been produced using renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, hydro, and others. The certificates are tradeable separately from the electric power for which they have been issued Every transaction with green certificates is entered into a dedicated register.
The green certificate is an asset separate from electricity – it captures the rights related to the positive effects of renewable generation and makes them tradeable. After a company purchases and redeems green certificates, it may declare the use of green energy in its non-financial reports, advertisements and product labels. Today, it is the most widely used method of embarking on green energy.
Carbon Zero LLC maintains a register of Russian green certificates. The company offers sustainability solutions to reduce and offset carbon footprint, providing brokerage and consulting services in the certification of electricity origin and verification of carbon units, climate action projects, carbon reporting, and the development of GHG inventory automation software.
The Russian voluntary Carbon Zero standard approved by the Climate Task Force of the National ESG Alliance is the only green certification standard currently available in Russia after the withdrawal of international certification systems. The standard adheres to AIB and RE100 principles and follows GHG Protocol guidelines to enable responsible power consumers in Russia to offset their carbon footprint from energy consumption and support the development of renewable energy sources with proven and reliable tools.
NovaWind is ROSATOM's wind power division consolidating efforts of the Russian nuclear corporation in advanced areas of the energy generation technology. Established in September 2017, the company accumulates Rosatom’s competencies in wind power generation, from design and construction to mechanical engineering and operation of wind farms. As of today, NovaWind has commissioned 940 MW of wind power capacity. By 2027, ROSATOM will put a total of around 1.7 GW of wind capacity in operation.
Source: NovaWind Press Service