September 18, 2020 - The webinar ‘Technology readiness and safety of small modular reactors’ hosted by National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN), brought together world’s nuclear power industry major players, including ROSATOM.
The webinar, moderated by BATAN Expert M.Sc.E Johanna Maria Christina Johari, was aimed to bring the audience the understanding of nuclear energy technologies, specifically, advantages of small modular reactors.
Chairman of BATAN Prof. Dr. Ir. Anhar Riza Antariksawan welcomed all the participants and stated, that ‘Speaking of innovation, Small Modular Reactor is a breakthrough in nuclear energy technology. The innovation in SMR offers the advantages such as better affordability, higher level of safety and security, shorter construction time and interestingly could be integrated with renewable energy creating less carbon emission energy system. These advantages will hopefully ameliorate the public acceptance on nuclear energy’.
Keynote speech was delivered by Minister of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, Head of the National Agency for Research and Innovation (BRIN) Prof. Bambang Permadi Soemantri Brojonegoro, Ph.D.
Anton Moskvin, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at JSC “Rusatom Overseas” (ROSATOM) shared the presentation on current developments of ROSATOM in the field of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and highlighted that SMRs are one of the most advanced and safe sources of clean base-load energy nowadays. Anton Moskvin also indicated that Rosatom is on track to commission FOAK SMR NPP in Russia in 2027. It is important for Rosatom to ensure support for their partners who embark on nuclear power and Rosatom is eager to provide personnel training and involve local suppliers in SMR, floating or inland, projects implementation.
Other invited speakers of the webinar were the IAEA, NuScale Power, KAERI, EDF and CNNC who delivered their presentations on SMR developments.