On 10 October 2017 during the Business Day of the Russian Federation at the International Engineering Fair in Brno (Czech Republic) Zdeněk Šíma, director of Rosatom Central Europe, presented the international projects of State Corporation Rosatom and opportunities for cooperation with Czech companies.

The speaker noted that Czech suppliers are traditional and reliable partners of Rosatom in the realization of projects both in Russia and abroad. According to him, Rosatom counts on the active participation of Czech companies also in new project of this corporation, primarily in the construction of the Finnish NPP Hanhikivi, the Hungarian NPP Paks II and the first Turkish NPP Akkuyu. These power plants will be fitted with the most modern nuclear units of the generation III+ with VVER-1200 reactors.

“Rosatom is actively cooperating with the Czech Power Industry Alliance which associates the leading Czech nuclear power industry enterprises. The basis for the cooperation composes the Memorandum of Understanding between the Alliance and the State Corporation Rosatom signed in June this year. The Alliance is able to prepare a comprehensive proposal for the supply of equipment from the Czech Republic to Rosatom facilities and, importantly, to assist in providing export financing for these supplies,” said Šíma.

On its stand at the Fair, Rosatom also presented an interactive map of Czech suppliers which demonstrates the scope of participation of Czech companies in Rosatom projects around the world. For example, 12 companies from the Czech Republic supplied to the Novovoronezh NPP-II equipment worth a total of 1.4 billion CZK and 7 Czech companies supplied its production to the Indian NPP Kudankulam worth 545 million CZK. Overall, Czech companies over the past few years have become suppliers for 14 facilities built by Rosatom.

The International Engineering Fair is annually the leading industrial trade fair in the Central Europe. This year, it is held from 9 to 13 October and it’s attended by more than 1600 companies from 32 countries.