The ROSATOM’s first Sustainable Development Report for 2020 was first posted on the website of the UN Global Compact Network October 1, 2021. The report is qualified rated at level “Active”.

Head of Sustainable Development Department of ROSATOM Polina Lion commented: “The adherence to the sustainable development principles requires the company’ fundamentally new level of responsibility in business performance aligned with its’ ecological and social impact, human capital development (ESG). The ability of the company to present express its “sustainability” performance in specific facts and figures requires serious mobilization, as sustainable development has to be integrated into all business processes. Being qualified at the “Active” level, ROSATOM’s report means that we not only monitor basic ESG indicators but also take conscious efforts for the progress and focus on contribution to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in our work.”

For information:
The United Nations Global Compact is the largest UN international initiative for business in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. This initiative unites today over 13,000 participating companies from more than 160 countries.
ROSATOM joined the UN Global Compact, which unites sustainable development over the world, in 2020. Facilitating the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals is fixed in the strategy as one of the most important conditions of ROSATOM’s activities.