ROSATOM will take part in the 66th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which will be held in Vienna, Austria on 26-30 September 2022.
The company will hold a number of thematic events at the conference, both in-person and online. The events will be attended by international experts in the field of nuclear energy alongside ROSATOM representatives.
On September 26, an event will be held on international cooperation in setting up nuclear research and isotope production hubs.
On September 27, the company will hold an online event on the compliance of nuclear energy projects with EU Taxonomy Regulation, which creates a framework for modern nuclear energy technologies to qualify as sustainable from the point of view of environmental or “green” regulation, and, in particular, on compliance with the requirements of the EU Taxonomy of Sustainable Finance. The session will also address innovative developments in fuel solutions, the closure of the nuclear fuel cycle, and the safe handling of spent nuclear fuel. The event will include speakers from the IAEA’s Secretariat, the China Institute of Nuclear Industry Strategy (CINIS; a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)), and ROSATOM and its subsidiaries.
There will also be a series of online events dedicated to nuclear fuel management, namely “Decommissioning & RWM: Lessons of the past, adapting to challenges of the present and sustainable technologies for the future,” which will take place on September 27, and “Closing the nuclear fuel cycle: The path towards a circular economy,” and “Spent Nuclear Fuel Management in Sustainable Fuel Cycle,” both of which take place on 28 September.
On September 28, an in-person event will be dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the partnership between Rosatom Technical Academy and the IAEA (“Rosatom Technical Academy: 10 years of partnership with the IAEA”), while questions of education and personnel training will be discussed at the online events “Trends in nuclear education: the STEM model,” “Human-centricity as a key factor of organisational sustainability in the nuclear industry,” and “Nuclear education as a basis for long-lasting social impact and people,” which will respectively take place on September 27, September 29, and September 30.
Virtual technical tours to Russian nuclear power plants, namely Leningrad NPP, Beloyarsk NPP, and the Akademik Lomonosov FNPP, will also be held on the sidelines of the IAEA General Conference.