Name Prise The organizer of the purchase Date of publication Date of receipt Status
Information Support Services in Bulgarian Market 216 000EUR RACE 29.12.2017 11.1.2018 Completed  
Information Support Services in Czech Market 228 000EUR RACE 8.3.2018 19.3.2018 Completed  
Public request for quotation without pre-qualification for right to conclude a contract for procurement of services for lease of non-residential space for office in Prague (Czech Republic) RACE 24.5.2018 Completed  
Public request for quotation for the right to enter into the contract for car leasing 937 024,16 CZK RACE 19.07.2018 27.07.2018 Completed  
Аdvertising information services in framework of Festival of Russian movie (Praha, Zlin, Olomouc, Czech Republic, November 5-11 2018) 666 105,00 VAT incl RACE 10.10.2018 22.10.2018 Completed